In this blog, we talk about the Google Display Network and how it can help you reach users who've never searched for your product or service before.

Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to improve SEO and SERP ranking. This helps to lower the bounce rate while increasing the conversion rate on mobile devices.

Here're some practical tips to make your eCommerce website redesign process smoother and effective, catering to both user experience and technical aspects.

A well-designed product page is critical to ‘convince’ the potential buyers to make the purchase action. Here are some tips for a powerful product page.

In this blog, we will walk you through the steps for creating an effective B2B video marketing strategy.

Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) is particularly important to enable you to build and manage the website quickly.

A buyer persona is a detailed description of your target customer, ensuring that your marketing efforts are focused, targeted and personalised.

Well-planned and organised A/B testing can make your marketing efforts more profitable and successful. We review effective tactics for your experiments.

Site Ranking is one of the most important matters to all businesses now, here are a few steps showing you how to improve your site’s SEO performance leveraging some online SEO tools to skyrocket your SERP result.

In this blog, we’ll introduce Lean UX, a simple and smart approach to designing and crafting user experiences, to improve your website experience.

With digital adoption becoming a trend, Google announced new Google Ad updates and features to help SMEs and local businesses thrive during the pandemic. 

With the realm of Ecommerce expanding rapidly, allow Google Ad extensions to increase the effectiveness of your ads, especially for local Hong Kong SMEs.

In this blog, we have consolidated some statistics about the user experience trend which are conducive to your business success.

The website is like your first image. Here are some practical steps for building a B2B website, to build credibility and generate leads with ease!

Chatbot is an effective tool to maintain excellent customer service. We compare the available tools for you to start your Chatbot campaigns.

In this blog, we’ve condensed a few tips on further optimizing your Google Ads campaigns. These include: Keyword Match Types, Quality Score, and more...

In this blog, we offer a step-by-step guide for your Google Ads campaign, including: keywords research, ad copies and etc to kick off the search campaign.

Omnichannel, also known as an “all” channel, is a fully-integrated approach providing a unified brand experience across all your sales and marketing channels. The successful omnichannel strategy requires leveraging information about one channel to invite the customer to participate in other touchpoints.

Work from home(WFH) is the future state of work, with its pros and cons. Here are a few tips to better manage the remote-work team effectively.

We’ve digested 7 new insights from Shopify Reunite 2020, which Hong Kong merchant can benefit from including: crossborder domains, Facebook Shop and etc.

Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is a smarter and more powerful approach to website design that reduces risks and drives peak performance. In this blog, we would share what is Growth-Driven Design and how you can apply it to your website, no matter a B2B website or an eCommerce one.

Google My Business (GMB) is the most important online listing for any local business, as it drives the local business search results on Google Search and Google Maps. In the blog, I would share the best practices for your local search.

Analytics are important as they provide insight into your website visitors, customers, and your business. In this blog, I would share some practical tips that you can easily set up and get a quick snapshot of your online shop business—without having to be a Google Analytics pro.

In Hong Kong, Webrooming is a more cost-effective approach to drive awareness and business since transportation is so convenient. Finding the right tools and providing good customer experience in both online and offline are critical making your business stand out of the competition.

In this blog, we share some SEO tips for SMB owners, who are running their ecommerce on Shopify. We cover the SEO benefits, practical steps on keyword research, on-page SEO and off-page SEO that you can follow to improve SEO for your online Shopfy store. Lets get optimizing!

Business is getting harder during this difficult time. You may be wondering whether you should continue your marketing effort and how to approach communication.  Here are some tips hopefully you find them helpfu

Inbound marketing can be used as a secret weapon in the heated and competitive e-commerce industry. With the Hubspot and Shopify integration, it helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to grow their e-commerce business using inbound marketing.

"Together We Grow Better" event in Shanghai on Dec 5th, 2019, co-organized together with HubSpot . In the event, we've invited marketing experts from HubSpot, Google and more to share the experiences on how business can grow globally.

Web notification marketing is a new but fast-growing tool to deliver direct messages users’ desktop or mobile phone. It should be included in the marketing strategy to increase the conversion rates across a variety of industries.

Takeaway from INBOUND 2019

By Victoria M • 19 September, 2019

Every year, the INBOUND event is like an annual carnival for like-minded people to gather together in Boston to learn and get inspired. This was Virtue Media’s 3rd INBOUND event and there were many learnings and inspirations for us.