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    SMB Google Ads

    Google Ads 101: The Fast Track to a Successful Search Campaign

    By Ashley Cheung 28 September, 2021

    In this blog post, we’ve targeted all eCommerce store owners, offering a step-by-step guide to setting up your first Google Ads campaign. Focusing on practical tips 101 to boost traffic and conversions, these include: optimising keywords, writing compelling ad copies, and others to kick off your first Google Ads campaign.

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    Google Ads SME

    Leverage Google Ads Extensions For Your eCommerce Store

    By Ashley Cheung 13 August, 2021

    In this blog, we’ve summarized the most effective Google Ad extensions for local SMEs and eCommerce stores. We’ve provided the highlights for each extension and how to best maximise their functions. These include: Location extensions, Sitelink extensions, and more...

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    SMB Google Ads

    Google Ads Advanced: Further Steps to Optimize Your Campaign

    By Ashley Cheung 11 August, 2021

    In this blog, we’ve condensed a few practical tips on further optimizing your Google Ads campaigns. These tips will help you improve campaign performance, boost conversions, and increase traffic. These include Keyword Match Types, Responsive Search Ads, and more...

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    digital marketing social media

    Why SMBs Should Advertise on Social Media

    By Ashley Cheung 25 February, 2021

    By now, it is well aware that advertising on social media platforms can harness a massive amount of brand awareness and bring fruitful results for businesses of all varieties. Social media advertising is important as the value received goes beyond what you can get organically these days.

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    Google Ads

    Google Paid Ads Questionnaire

    By Ashley Cheung 14 January, 2021

    Google Ad is a great way to grow your business, no matter if you’re looking to raise brand awareness or boost your website conversion. Whether it’s your first time setting up your first Google Ad campaign, or if you’re looking to further optimize your existing campaigns, we have a Google Ad’s Questionnaire to help you create a successful campaign.

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    ecommerce SMB pinterest

    How Small Businesses Can Further Leverage The Pinterest Platform

    By Ashley Cheung 30 December, 2020
    A Pinterest Business account is crucial to access marketing features that can help you promote your brand on one of the fastest growing and insanely popular media platforms. In this blog, we share ideas about leveraging Pinterest effectively for SMBs including building your channel, market research intelligence, promotion and community.
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    social media SMB pinterest

    Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest

    By Ashley Cheung 23 December, 2020

    Pinterest has become hugely popular being one of the fastest growing platforms. In this blog, we teach you how to create a Pinterest business account.

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    ecommerce Google Ads SME

    How To Reach The Right Audience With Google Display Ads

    By Ashley Cheung 20 November, 2020

    Google Display Network can help you reach the user who never searched for your product or service before. It can get your display ads in front of targeted audiences across the globe. Our blog will explain the benefits and functions of leveraging the network to help boost your campaign performance and brand awareness.

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    digital marketing inbound inbound marketing persona

    How To Build an Effective Buyer Persona for Your Campaign

    By Ashley Cheung 17 September, 2020

    A buyer persona encompasses the key characteristics of your targeted audience and is an essential element of marketing, no matter the size or scope of your business. In this blog we include a detailed guide to build your persona and easy to use templates to optimize your marketing strategy.

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    ecommerce Google Ads SME

    An Introduction to Google Ads’ A/B Testing

    By Ashley Cheung 10 September, 2020
    Well-planned and organised A/B testing can make your marketing efforts more profitable and successful. In this blog, we review practical and effective tactics to carry out your experiments including bidding methods, ad copies, and more to achieve better campaign performance.
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    SMB Google Ads

    Biggest Google Ads Updates: Everything You Need to Know

    By Ashley Cheung 20 August, 2020

    With digital adoption becoming an accelerating trend, Google has announced new Google Ad updates and features  to help SMEs and local businesses thrive during the pandemic.  

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    shopify ecommerce

    Shopify Reunite 2020 Recap: 7 New Features Can Help Hong Kong Sellers

    By Ashley Cheung 19 June, 2020

    We’ve digested 7 new insights from Shopify Reunite 2020 live stream, which can be applied to Hong Kong businesses who are looking to grow in eCommerce. New features include: cross border domains, Facebook Shop’s partnership with Shopify and many more.

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