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    Leverage Google Ads Extensions For Your eCommerce Store

    By Ashley Cheung 13 August, 2021

    In this blog, we’ve summarized the most effective Google Ad extensions for local SMEs and eCommerce stores. We’ve provided the highlights for each extension and how to best maximise their functions. These include: Location extensions, Sitelink extensions, and more...

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    ecommerce Google Ads SME

    How To Reach The Right Audience With Google Display Ads

    By Ashley Cheung 20 November, 2020

    Google Display Network can help you reach the user who never searched for your product or service before. It can get your display ads in front of targeted audiences across the globe. Our blog will explain the benefits and functions of leveraging the network to help boost your campaign performance and brand awareness.

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    ecommerce Google Ads SME

    An Introduction to Google Ads’ A/B Testing

    By Ashley Cheung 10 September, 2020
    Well-planned and organised A/B testing can make your marketing efforts more profitable and successful. In this blog, we review practical and effective tactics to carry out your experiments including bidding methods, ad copies, and more to achieve better campaign performance.
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