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    Latest Google Ads Updates- Extension, Keywords, Smart Bidding & Creative Studio!

    By Suey Chan 1 September, 2021

    Google Ads has been probably the most effective tool for online traffic generation, and keeps optimizing. In this blog, we’ve condensed the latest important updates including extension, keywords, smart bidding, and Google Ad Creative Studio that you can benefit from.

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    Practical Tips For SME Brands: SEO For Your Shopify Store

    By Cherry XU 22 April, 2020

    In this blog content, I would be sharing some practical SEO tips for SMB owners to grow business online, the benefits and basics, as well as the practical steps you follow to improve SEO for your online Shopfy store. 

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    5 Tips to Write A Compelling Product Description That Converts

    By Cherry XU 6 May, 2019

    A good product description should aim to convert viewers into customers by providing all of the important information of your product. Follow these 5 tips on how to write product descriptions that sells.

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    Finding The Right Influencer For Your Brand

    By Kiran Hira 10 January, 2019

    Influencer marketing has significantly grown in the last decade. Brands/ agencies use instagram to market their product to their target audiences - but influencers make it on a more personal level. It is human nature to naturally trust someone you identify with and share similar interests with.  So just from a sales perspective - targeting influencers that share the same target market as you, is a good way to gain loyal customers.

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    Download the New eBook for Your Shopify Store Launch Checklist

    By Kiran Hira 21 December, 2018

    So you decided to start your eCommerce business. You are excited for this next adventure but cannot help but feel a bit nervous. You are unsure about some pages on your site. You begin to ask yourself; does my store have a seamless checkout system? How is the user journey? Is every page SEO friendly? 

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    What is Inbound Marketing? A Beginner’s Guide to Inbound Marketing

    By Jasmine K 8 November, 2018

    Inbound is a way of doing business that is more customer and human-centric. The inbound methodology focuses on designing personalised interactions for customers that attract them to your business in an organic way, rather than you having to hunt them down.

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    How Technology Impacts Digital Marketing

    By Victoria M 24 January, 2018

    Virtue Media was invited to be the guest speaker at Google Hong Kong, to share a topic of How Technology Impacts Digital Marketing and How We Leverage it. 

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    The Revolution in China eCommerce: Content Marketing

    By Victoria M 15 December, 2017

    The battle field of eCommerce in China is no more price competition. Within ecommerce platforms like Taobao/Tmall platform, now content marketing is the main. With the new design of Taobao / Tmall website and Apps, it confirms that content is the heart of taobao’s strategy. Taobao / Tmall has been transforming to sell lifestyle quality products, not just low prices products. As the China online customers are not just value sealer, but also looking for quality and price value. Now more than 70% of the homepage is content instead of purely listing the products.

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    KOL Marketing | Tap into China's Digital Influencers

    By Victoria M 13 December, 2017
    In China, Influencers / Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) appear to have a more strong influence on society than in any other country. On the 11.11 Singles’ Day 2017, 4 KOL-rune stores have achieved sales more than 100M RMB.
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