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    SEO digital marekting rich snippets

    How to Rank up Your Content in Google with Rich Snippet

    By Suey Chan 7 January, 2021

    Implementing rich snippets is a popular SEO tactic for getting a higher ranking position on SERP. So what are rich snippets and why should we care about it? And how can you implement it? Keep reading to find out the answer!

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    SEO digital marekting

    Why Should You Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

    By Suey Chan 22 October, 2020

    You’ve probably already applied SEO to your websites, but it's often common to neglect the browsing experience for mobile users. In this blog, we have digested everything you need to know about optimising your mobile pages.

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    SEO content cluster

    Improve your Website SEO with Online Tool

    By Suey Chan 3 September, 2020

    Site Ranking is the one of the most important matters to all businesses now, more than two-thirds of all clicks account for the top 5 organic results. Here are a few steps showing you how to improve your site’s SEO performance leveraging some online SEO tools to skyrocket your SERP result.

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