In this blog, we share ideas about leveraging Pinterest effectively for SMBs including building your channel, market research, promotion and more.

In this blog, we talk about the Google Display Network and how it can help you reach users who've never searched for your product or service before.

Here're some practical tips to make your eCommerce website redesign process smoother and effective, catering to both user experience and technical aspects.

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Omnichannel, also known as an “all” channel, is a fully-integrated approach providing a unified brand experience across all your sales and marketing channels. The successful omnichannel strategy requires leveraging information about one channel to invite the customer to participate in other touchpoints.

We’ve digested 7 new insights from Shopify Reunite 2020, which Hong Kong merchant can benefit from including: crossborder domains, Facebook Shop and etc.

Analytics are important as they provide insight into your website visitors, customers, and your business. In this blog, I would share some practical tips that you can easily set up and get a quick snapshot of your online shop business—without having to be a Google Analytics pro.

In Hong Kong, Webrooming is a more cost-effective approach to drive awareness and business since transportation is so convenient. Finding the right tools and providing good customer experience in both online and offline are critical making your business stand out of the competition.

Inbound marketing can be used as a secret weapon in the heated and competitive e-commerce industry. With the Hubspot and Shopify integration, it helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to grow their e-commerce business using inbound marketing.

Web notification marketing is a new but fast-growing tool to deliver direct messages users’ desktop or mobile phone. It should be included in the marketing strategy to increase the conversion rates across a variety of industries.