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    Leverage Chatbots for eCommerce Business

    By Riane Tsoi 23 July, 2020

    Chatbot is an effective tool for your online shop to maintain excellent customer service, and also effective in driving sales and marketing. In this blog content, we would compare the available tools for you to enable this multitasking ‘staff’ for your business.

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    Practical Tips to Effectively Manage Work from Home Team

    By Riane Tsoi 24 June, 2020

    The COVID-19 outbreak leads to a new trend of work practice- Work from home(WFH), a new, occasionally, and sometimes frustrating experience for Hongkongers who are used to the hustle and bustle rhythm of office life. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Apple experienced a big shakeup on the working policy from office to home, some periodically and some permanently. WFH seems to be the future state of work, a new global normal, which has its pros and cons.

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