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    Practical tips for revamping your eCommerce website

    By Yikki Lam 15 October, 2020

    When revamping your eCommerce website, you need to make sure you cater to both the user experience as well as the technical aspects of the site. Here are some practical tips to make your redesign process smoother and effective.

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    How to Build a Powerful Shopify Product Page?

    By Yikki Lam 9 October, 2020

    Product page is the centerpiece of the eCommerce user journey. A well-designed product page is critical to ‘convince’ the potential buyers to make the purchase action. Let’s see some tips and examples for a compelling and powerful Shopify product page.

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    Apply Lean UX to Improve Your Website

    By Yikki Lam 27 August, 2020

    In this blog, we’ll introduce Lean UX, a simple and smart approach you can use to design and craft user experiences for your website revamp project.

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    User Experience Statistics 2020

    By Yikki Lam 6 August, 2020

    User experience (UX) design is the practice of taking a user-centered approach to the design. UX is extremely important as it aims to fulfill the user’s needs, providing a positive experience for better customer retention. A meaningful user experience allows you to define customer journeys on your website which are conducive to business success. Unfortunately, this aspect is often overlooked.

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    8 Practical Steps to Create a Successful B2B Website

    By Yikki Lam 30 July, 2020

    Website is like your first image. In this blog content, I will be sharing some practical steps for building or revamping a B2B website, you’ll soon be able to build credibility and generate leads with ease!

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    How to Apply Growth-Driven-Design (GDD) for Your Website Success?

    By Yikki Lam 11 June, 2020

    Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is a smarter and more powerful approach to website design that reduces risks and drives peak performance. In this blog, we would share what is Growth-Driven Design and how you can apply it to your website, no matter a B2B website or an eCommerce one.

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