Latest Google Ads Updates- Extension, Keywords, Smart Bidding & Creative Studio!

Suey Chan
By Suey Chan 1 September, 2021

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Google Ads has been probably the most effective tool for online traffic generation, and keeps optimizing. In this blog, we’ve condensed the latest important updates including extension, keywords, smart bidding, and Google Ad Creative Studio that you can benefit from.

New Image Extension

Jouer image extensionsImage extension is a powerful ad extension available globally now! As shown in the example from Jouer, the image extension shows up as a small photo next to your search ad, complimenting your ad with relevant visuals to enhance the message. In our experience with it, we’ve observed a 2x bump in click-through rates (CTR). The new extension drives better performance as shoppers can directly see your products and take action in the time. The higher CTR would also benefit your quality score, which eventually lowers the cost of a click to make your Google Ads more cost-efficient.

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Update of Keyword Matching

Broad match modifier (BMM) is retired. Google has incorporated its behaviors into phrase match which will be expanded to match more search queries. The updated phrase match combines the control of the original phrase match and the expanded reach of the discontinued broad match modifier.

google ads keyword matching updates 2021

For example, the phrase match keyword 'catering service in Hong Kong' will continue to cover search queries like 'affordable catering service in Hong Kong'. It also covers searches that originally only match under BMM, for instance, 'Hong Kong corporate catering service'.

Changes to Smart Bid Strategies

Smart bidding used to have a set of four automated bid strategies, including maximum conversions, target CPA, maximize conversion value, and target ROAS. Google has reorganized them into 2 groups as below:

google ads bidding 2021

This means advertisers are no longer able to create target ROAS or target CPA bid strategies. Alternatively, there’s an option for adding a target CPA when using ‘Maximize Conversions’ and an option for adding a target ROAS when using ‘Maximize Conversion Value’.

Google Ad Creative Studio

Google has launched Ads Creative Studio, a specific advertising tool to collect rich media for your advertisement. It’s a central hub specifically designed for advertisers easier to build, preview, and test ad creatives all in one place, consolidating digital marketing tools, like Youtube, Display & Video 360, and Campaign Manager 360. It helps the collaboration between designers and ad specialists become effortless.

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