Exciting News from Shopify Winter Editions 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of Commerce!

Cherry XU
By Cherry XU 1 February, 2024

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Embarking on a journey of digital evolution, Shopify's Winter Editions 2024 is set to redefine the e-commerce landscape. Among all the exciting features set to debut, we have handpicked the ones we believe will benefit merchants the most. These selected features are poised to empower our clients—merchants who are not just adapting but striving to make their mark in the dynamic digital landscape.


1. Variant Limit Increase

2. New Shopify Subscription App

3. Launch of Shopify Magic / AI (Shopify Plus Only)

4. B2B Enhancement (Shopify Plus Only)

5. Checkout Extensibility (Shopify Plus Only)



1. Variant Limit Increase

Creating product variants on Shopify has been smooth, merchants can set up attributes such as size, color, and style with up to 100 variants per product. We do hear that some of you found it constrained when aiming for more extensive variants.

Group 180Exciting Upgrade from Shopify with the unveiled new GraphQL product APIs, the variant is now increased to 2000 variants per product. This isn't just a numerical upgrade; it's a strategic response to the evolving demands of modern e-commerce. This expansion grants you unparalleled flexibility to showcase a diverse array of options seamlessly.


2. New Shopify Subscription App

For our clients who offer either meal subscriptions or flower subscriptions, it is great news! Shopify has been a bit of a journey for merchants who offer products and services on a subscription basis, often involving the use of third-party subscription Apps like subify or custom development.


Enter the Shopify Winter Editions 2024, where a game-changing solution has been unveiled — the free Shopify Subscriptions app. Now, businesses can seamlessly set up and manage subscriptions directly from the Shopify admin. What's more, customers are granted the autonomy to modify or skip subscription orders directly from their accounts, putting control in their hands.

By effortlessly offering products as subscriptions with this new Shopify feature, merchants can now forge stronger connections with their audience and increase customer lifetime value and predictable revenue.


3. Launch of Shopify Magic / AI (Shopify Plus Only)

2024 is the year of AI, and leveraging AI tools for your eCommerce is a necessity to stay ahead in the market demands more than conventional strategies. Shopify has launched the cutting-edge AI-powered suite—Shopify Magic, crafted to address the evolving needs of businesses navigating the dynamic digital landscape:

    • AI-Enabled Image Editing:
      A seamless transformation of product photography using AI-enabled image editing features, with the ability to generate, match, or remove backgrounds in just a few clicks or keywords.

    • Shopify Magic for Content Creation:
      Feature to auto-write compelling About Us or FAQ pages, empowering brands to effortlessly share their unique stories and build trust.
    • Semantic Search:
      Shopify Magic introduces Semantic Search—an AI-powered feature that transcends traditional keyword matching. It understands the shopper's intent, delivering search results that are not just relevant but profoundly personalized.


4. B2B Enhancement (Shopify Plus Only)

Shopify stands out as an innovation hub, catering not only to direct-to-consumer (DTC) ventures but also seamlessly integrating with businesses heading into the intricate world of business-to-business (B2B) commerce.


    • Sales Rep Support: 
      Assign sales reps to B2B customers with new staff permissions. Define specific access levels, granting sales managers and reps control over workflows.
    • Go Headless with B2B
      Build unique experiences using headless B2B storefronts to allow more control over the wholesale experience. This allows merchants to differentiate the B2C and B2B by providing different UX.
    • Custom Discounts for B2B:
      Quite a few of our clients complained about Shopify’s discount limitation in B2B, which requires specific flags and cannot be extended through Functions. With the new custom discount features, discounts are automatically applied at checkout, enhancing the overall B2B experience.


5. Checkout Extensibility (Shopify Plus Only)

Check out – the pivotal moment where a potential sale either soars or fizzles. Shopify, with pride in its checkout prowess, boasts an overall conversion rate that leaves competitors in the digital dust. According to a study conducted in partnership with a Big Three global management consulting company in April 2023, Shopify's conversion rates outshine the competition by up to 36%, with an average lead of 15%. 

But Shopify doesn't rest on its laurels, it continues to push boundaries: with advanced customization options, including Local Pickup Generator API, Order Routing API, and a plethora of updates like Checkout/Cart Validation, Privacy Consent, and more, this feature is a testament to Shopify's commitment to providing the best converting checkout experience.

For those who crave a checkout experience as unique as their brand, the advanced color settings/schemes, header and footer customizations, and container styles ensure that the checkout process aligns seamlessly with the brand's identity.

Group 181



As proud Shopify partners, we're thrilled to witness these innovations unfold and we look forward to embracing a future where commerce meets unmatched innovation!

We stand ready to assist businesses of all scales on their digital journey. Whether enabling a new online business, revamping the online experience, or driving more online sales, our expertise spans the spectrum. The Winter Editions 2024 trends and tips are just the tip of the iceberg – reach out to us, and let's navigate the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape together. Your success story begins with us!


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