Google Paid Ads Questionnaire

Ashley Cheung
By Ashley Cheung 14 January, 2021

Google Ads

Google Ad is a great way to grow your business, no matter if you’re looking to raise brand awareness or boost your website conversion. Whether it’s your first time setting up your first Google Ad campaign, or if you’re looking to further optimize your existing campaigns, we have a Google Ad’s Questionnaire to help you create a successful campaign.

Our questionnaire will help you clearly grasp the objectives of your campaign and give you an idea of what you can expect from the process. The questionnaire covers a few aspects such as: 

    • Reviewing your business goal
      It is important to know your business target and exactly what actions you want your visitors to take from your allocated ad spend. Noting down these goals will help you better visualise what strategies you need to take for execution.
    • Reevaluating the unique selling point of your product or service
      Ensuring that you are communicating the unique selling point of your product or service correctly is critical to acquiring the right actions from your target audience. This could mean considering your offers and how you promote them.
    • Analysis on competitor performance
      Research on what your competitors are doing is crucial to ensure that your campaigns are on the right track. Research the keywords they are bidding or which audience they are targeting is helpful for your own campaign strategy too.
    • Redefining buyer personas
      No matter if this is your first or second time, it is a good practice to redefine and re-evaluate your buyer persona every few months. Knowing your target audience and recognising specific characteristics will help greatly in setting up your campaign or revising your current campaign strategy. This would mean analysing which industries they work in, their profession, purchasing habits and more.

Download the questionnaire now to get started on the process!

Once the above is done and dusted and you’re looking for more hands-on advice to executing your campaigns, we’ve covered a Beginner’s Guide to Setting up Your First Google Ad Search Campaign, and Further Steps to Optimize your Google Ad Campaigns. If you’re looking to experiment more with setting up different campaigns, we also have an Introduction to A/B Testing with Google Ads.

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