Download the New eBook for Your Shopify Store Launch Checklist

By Kiran Hira 21 December, 2018

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So you decided to start your eCommerce business. You are excited for this next adventure but cannot help but feel a bit nervous. You are unsure about some pages on your site. You begin to ask yourself; does my store have a seamless checkout system? How is the user journey? Is every page SEO friendly? 

There is lot to consider before opening up your first online store and it is easy to forget certain details. Not to worry though, we have compiled a detailed checklist that you can easily cross off before you go live! Following this e-book, you will be able to identify missing components within your store and prioritise your work load.

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Here is what we will be covering in the e-book:

  1. Add Additional Sales Channels
  2. Customise Your Domain
  3. Check Payment Gateway
  4. Formulate Standard Pages
  5. Review Email Notification Settings
  6. Audit Your Content
  7. Optimise All Images
  8. Install An Analytics Tool
  9. Create A Marketing Plan Beforehand
  10. Be Reachable
  11. Install Essential Apps 

Get your store ready and go live with us! 

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