Seeing is Believing: The Power of Visual Reviews in E-Commerce

Cherry XU
By Cherry XU 24 June, 2024

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In the highly competitive world of e-commerce, where every click and conversion counts, businesses must leverage every possible advantage to succeed. As e-commerce experts, we have helped a lot of brands launch their online presence and utilize effective channel marketing to drive their sales. While generating quality traffic is crucial, the critical challenge lies in improving website conversion rates. One of the most effective strategies for enhancing conversion is through customer reviews, with visual reviews standing out as particularly impactful.


Visual reviews (photos and videos submitted by customers) have become a powerful tool for building trust, engaging customers, and driving sales.


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Builds Trust and Authenticity

A study by PowerReviews found that 86% of consumers always or regularly seek out photos and videos prior to purchase. Visual reviews provide real-life context and authenticity, making it easier for potential customers to trust the product. Seeing a product in real-world use helps bridge the gap between expectation and reality.

Increases Engagement and Interaction

Visual content is more engaging than text alone. Photos and videos catch the eye and hold the attention of potential buyers, encouraging them to spend more time on the product page and increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Enhances Product Understanding

eMarketer reports that 63% of consumers say that product videos are helpful in making purchase decisions. Visual reviews provide additional perspectives and details that may not be covered in the product description. They can showcase how a product looks and functions in real life, helping customers make informed decisions.

Boosts SEO and Organic Traffic

User-generated content, including images and videos, enhances the website's SEO by increasing dwell time and providing fresh, relevant content. This can lead to higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more organic traffic.



However, many e-commerce businesses struggle with collecting these valuable visual testimonials. To help, we’ve compiled some practical tips to drive more visual reviews and harness their full potential.


Request Reviews Post-Purchase:

  • Automated Emails: Send automated follow-up emails after a purchase, asking customers to leave a review and upload photos or videos of the product. Timing is crucial; sending the request a week after delivery ensures customers have had time to use the product.
  • Incentives: Offer incentives such as discounts, loyalty points, or entry into a giveaway for customers who leave a visual review. This encourages participation and adds value for the customer.

Tips! Follow Up with Non-Reviewers! Send a gentle reminder to customers who haven't left a review after the initial request. A well-timed follow-up can nudge customers who intended to leave a review but forgot.



Tools like Loox app that seamlessly integrates with Shopify.  Loox offers automated review request emails, making it easier to gather reviews and incentivize the photo and video reviews from customers easily. Collected reviews would be displayed to the relevant product pages without coding.



Respond to Reviews:

Show appreciation by responding to customer reviews and highlighting exceptional content on your website or social media. Acknowledging customer contributions fosters a sense of community and encourages others to share their experiences.

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Highlight User Content: 

Create a dedicated section on your website for customer photos and videos. Featuring user-generated content prominently can inspire more customers to contribute.

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Utilize Product Packaging to include the Review Request:
  • Insert a card or flyer in the product packaging requesting a review. Include a QR code that directs customers to the review submission page, making it easy for them to share their experiences.

  • Thank You Notes: Personalized thank you notes can make customers feel valued and increase the likelihood of them leaving a review. Mentioning that their feedback (including photos and videos) would be appreciated can be very effective.

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Incorporating visual reviews into your e-commerce strategy can significantly enhance customer trust, engagement, and sales. By implementing these tips to drive more visual reviews, you can create a vibrant and authentic community around your brand, leading to higher conversion rates and sustained growth.

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