Review Your Content Strategy during Covid-19

Victoria M
By Victoria M 30 March, 2020

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Business is getting harder during this difficult time. You may be wondering whether you should continue your marketing effort and how to approach communication.  Here are some tips hopefully you find them helpful:

Keep Open Communication with Your Customers

Many are working from home and looking for reassurance that there is light at the end of this tunnel. This is an opportunity for your company to build up a closer relationship with your customers. Beyond the company’s official announcement about what you are doing as a company, try giving an update on how your team is doing. What is it like to work from home?  How can you help your customers even if you are not in the office? How is your team staying sane and positive in such a crazy time?

I’m sure your customers have their own stories during this strange time and maybe they can relate to yours more. It’s never been more important to connect with people. The shared experience can help people feel less alone and more supported. 

Review Your Content 

While it’s important to continue running your business as usual, you may want to double-check if any   automated emails, scheduled promotions or content may not be appropriate during this time. It might not be a good time to run an aggressive promotional campaign. While, of course, if you are selling products or solutions which can help the situation, for example, hygiene-related products, or remote work solutions, it is a good opportunity to catch eyes, but position it nicely.

What’s important is not to go radio silent to your audience. Relate your content to their current situation. What are their needs now? How have things changed for them? Maybe a slight tweak to your content approach can help you connect with them in a way you never have before. 

Continue to Invest on Content

Ads are effective ways to increase sales,You might be conservative in spending your budget on Ads at this moment. This might be the time for you to review your current content, and plan the content ahead.

Starting from the user journey, what topic people are interested in, or they find it helpful, and important to them make decisions. Invest your time on it. As you have done before, you can still use content for telling your story, connecting with your audience, and building trust. Try writing a blog updating your customers on COVID-19, what it means for them as customers, how it is affecting your industry, and how you plan to respond.

Content is a long-term investment that can pay off months down the road, so continue to publish your content, keeping in mind the current state of the world and needs of your audience. When things start to normalize your customers will remember that you were there along the way.

Stay safe out there and please reach out to us with any questions. We are happy to walk you through any content strategy questions you may have.

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