Remarkable Content for Social Media: Strategies to Stand Out

By Victoria Mok 20 October, 2023

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With endlessly scrolling feeds and fleeting attention spans, creating a social media design that pops isn't easy. But crafting captivating visuals is a must for brands wanting to connect with distracted users inundated with content overload.

Lucky for you, we have some pro tips to help your posts stand out from the pack! Follow along for insights on how to create showstopping visuals tailored to your audience!


1. Know Your Audience

2. Establish Brand Consistency

3. Optimize for Clarity

4. Let Your Visuals Do the Talking

5. Interactive Videos

6. Keep Your Captions Brief

7. Customize Content for Each Platform



Tip 1: Know Your Audience

Seems obvious right? But you'd be amazed how many brands create visuals in a vacuum without considering who will actually see them.

Getting to know your target audience is step one for social media design that hits the mark.  Detailed audience research provides priceless intel to craft visual content perfectly aligned with their interests and preferences.

So how to unlock these audience insights? Delve into demographics and behaviors through analytics, and conduct friendly polls to identify preferences. Furthermore, analyzing competitor pages that target the same group can aid in identifying what performs well.

Know Your Audience

Tip 2: Establish Brand Consistency

Boring seeing the same old visuals over and over? Not when it comes to social media! Maintaining consistent branding is key for helping audiences recognize and trust you.

Developing cohesive color palettes, fonts, and graphic styles across various platforms is a must. With the help of style guides and templates, you can avoid chaotic redesigns each time.

Recognizable branding builds familiarity. Take Starbucks - just a glimpse of green and you know it’s them. Savvy brands know a cohesive identity is crucial.

Establish Brand Consistency

Tip 3: Optimize for Clarity

In the age of fast-scrolling feeds, clarity is king. Convey your message simply at a glance.  Well-crafted clarity allows your message to shine through the feed clutter. Simplicity and thoughtful design make content digestible, shareable, and unforgettable.

Clean layouts, legible fonts, and strategic use of negative space will make your graphics more appealing. When choosing fonts, it is important to strike a balance between attractiveness and readability. Make sure that the font you choose is easy to read on different devices and sizes.

Achieving a harmonious blend of aesthetics and readability will craft a smooth reading journey, enticing your audience to explore your content further.

Optimize for Clarity


Tip 4: Let Your Visuals Do the Talking

Visuals are the dominant element in the captivating world of social media. Therefore, it is important not to rely solely on text-heavy posts. Instead, consider incorporating photos, videos, illustrations, or infographics into your messaging. This will help your content stand out and better reflect your brand's personality.

Tailor your visual formats to fit the specific platforms you are using. For example, on Instagram, try using carousels, Stories, and interactive polls to increase engagement.

The most effective visuals share your narrative succinctly while capturing attention quickly. When you combine stunning images with straightforward text, you're able to establish a deep connection with your audience and share valuable information that they'll appreciate.

Tailor your visual formats to fit the specific platforms


Tip 5: Harness the Power of Short Video

Short-form video has the highest ROI as well as being the best format for lead generation and engagement. But don't worry, you don't need a massive budget to create eye-catching content that grabs attention.

One way to make use of short videos is to take your audience behind the scenes of your product photoshoots. This helps to give them an insight into the process from concept to execution. You can also use interactive polls, quizzes, and exciting challenges to keep your audience engaged and entertained for longer.

Authenticity is key! Let your products do the talking with customer testimonials and collaborate with influencers to create lasting connections with your audience. And with the help of templates, staying up-to-date with the latest trends has never been easier.

the Power of Short Video
With some creativity and the camera already in your pocket, it’s easy to make short videos that captivate.


Tip 6: Keep Your Captions Brief

Long, chunky blocks of caption text can be tough to read, often resulting in reduced engagement from your audience. Additionally, it's important to consider character limits - on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, captions exceeding 140 characters get truncated.

For optimal mobile viewing, aim to write 1-2 concise sentences or 3-5 short bullet points in your captions.  Every word should count, like calories on a diet plan.  If you have detailed content to share, consider breaking it down into multiple posts with succinct individual captions.

Remember, the mantra here is "Less is more".  Let your eye-catching images or videos take center stage, while your captions provide the perfect supporting act.


Tip 7: Customize Content for Each Platform

Stay in step with shifting social platform trends by mastering the art of correct image and video dimensions.  Avoid distorted visuals and awkward cropping, ensuring your content captivates with seamless, eye-catching appeal.

Using templates across platforms like Canva and Easelly can help you save time and ensure optimal graphic sizing. This will allow you to meet different platform requirements without any hassle.

Including popular formats in your social media strategy can yield significant benefits. By aligning with the algorithm's preferred design, you can boost visibility and enhance audience engagement.

Using templates across platforms like Canva


Social media is a wild world, but you’ve got this! The savviest brands play to social media’s strengths while staying adaptable. Stay on top of the ever-evolving landscape with these tips.

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