Inbound Marketing Event in Hong Kong: How to Build and Nurture Your Client-Base

Victoria M
By Victoria M 25 June, 2019

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A well spend afternoon with Hubspot and Master Concept partners in Hong Kong. Our CEO Amanda Wu was invited to be the speaker to  share the best practices to help companies to Build and Nurture the Client-base in a Scalable, Measurable and Effective Manner using inbound methodology effectively.


Amanda Wu, CEO of Virtue Media, the Gold partner of Hubspot gave an insightful speech with the practical tips that companies can follow  to improve their inbound performance and effectively grow the business. The key takeaways are:

  • Burning media budget isn’t the answer to business growth, but you should firstly understand your buyer personas and their motivations to design the corresponding offerings, messagings.
  • The effective content marketing should be a combination of the project goals,  the relevant marketing channels, the right content format and the attractive CTA to convert the leads.
  • Start with the end in mind, always test and monitor what drives meaningful interactions amongst your audience, and take swift actions to optmize the campaign.

Download Slide:l All You Need to Know about Content Strategy

Experts from Hubspot, our valued Partner Master Concept, as well as the market leaders from different industries talked about the Inbound marketing methodologies. We were delighted that our valued client, GM Nameplate China, shared their experience implementing inbound methodology. The 3 months result of implementing inbound is very impressive. Check more details about the GMN's inbound  case study.

virtue_media_hubspot_event_collage(left) Derek Chan, Director and Co-founder of Master Concept  shared his experience on Smart Marketing: Sales & Marketing Alignment; (middle) Panel Discussion on Growing the business in Hong Kong market by leveraging Inbound Marketing; (right) Erwin Limowa, MD of GM Nameplate China shared his experience in Inbound marketing

No matter which industry, by embracing a holistic approach to inbound marketing, you can expect the unmatched customer experiences from sales to service.  Stay-tuned with our new event in next couple months, and we are looking forward to seeing you next time!

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