Navigating E-Commerce Frontiers: Comparing CMS Platform Possibilities

By Joy Wong 22 February, 2024

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Whether you're just starting or growing an existing business, choosing the right e-commerce platform is an important decision. The most widely used hosted eCommerce platforms in Hong Kong are Boutir, Shopline, and Shopify. You may be wondering, what are the differences between them, and which platform is right for your brand.

By understanding their unique strengths, you can determine the best fit for empowering your commercial goals and digital transformation. Let's dive into how these leading platforms compare so you can make an informed choice that matches your budget and business needs.

1. Plans and Pricing

2. Basic Functionality and Ease of Use

3. Payment and Logistics

4. Flexibility in Customization



1. Plans and Pricing

Boutir offers three tiers - Essential, Advanced, and V-Commerce All in One. These plans range from HK$548-HK$1,574 monthly. Customized enterprise solutions are also available. Additionally, a 0.5-1% fee applies per order depending on payment frequency.

image4Shopline provides four commerce solutions - Basic, Pro, Social Pro, and All-in-One OMO - tailored to different sales models. Some add-on modules can enhance these options. Shopline also assesses a 0.5% fee on GMV.


Shopify's tiers are Basic, Shopify and Advanced plans from US$33(HKD$258)-US$399(HKD$3,119) monthly. Even simpler starting points include Starter at US$5(HKD$40)/month. Enterprise companies can also choose a more advanced solution - Shopify Plus, with more features.

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2. Basic Functionality and Ease of Use

Each e-commerce platform offers a variety of operational management services. Boutir presents the most user-friendly solutions for those new to e-commerce looking to effortlessly establish their online presence.

Shopline's platform setup is fairly straightforward. It additionally empowers through expanded organization like inventory management, promotions and rewards, and reporting and analytics.

However, when varied promos or richer features call, these alone may not fulfill all needs. Shopify answers with the most comprehensive array of plugins and options. Still, its interface charms with intuitive navigation between readily available, brand-matching free and paid themes. Comprehensive guidance supports stores from seed to scale. With Shopify, testing tailored solutions remains delightfully frictionless.


3. Payment and Logistics

Boutir offers popular local options including Octopus, PayMe for Business, Stripe and PayPal, plus YedPay, Turn Fast, Atome and Tap&Go. Their logistics support comes from SF Express, Hong Kong Post and ZTO Express.

Payments on Shopline involve PayMe for Business, bank transfers, PayPal, Stripe, Alipay, AsiaPay, Google Pay and Apple Pay amongst others. They offer their own SHOPLINE Payments too. Due to the limit of only 1 currency per store, customers are unable to pay in their home currency. Pickup and delivery occur seamlessly through SF and Zeek Zebra.

Shopify Payments supports major cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay. Merchants using third-party processors should note additional costs may apply depending on their subscription level. By partnering with QR code leader QF Pay, Shopify now connects seamlessly to WeChat Pay, Alipay and UnionPay without 'Extra fees for using alternative providers' applying to eWallet transactions.

While Shopify has a shortage of local market delivery, merchants in Shopify can use ShipAny, which is a free smart logistics gateway to localize logistic solutions. Sellers and buyers alike reap the rewards of a streamlined distribution process.


4. Flexibility in Customization

Boutir's templates only allow the replacement of default banners and product images but limited variation beyond a uniform format. Repeated usage restricts reinvention.


Shopline will provide users with some well-designed themes, but the placement and layout of editing and customizing the web page are limited to the framework provided by the theme itself, and can only make some custom color or font changes.


Shopify's customizability is an obvious advantage. By choosing from a wide variety of theme options, users can freely adjust the layout module of the website based on the theme, and create a unique online image of the brand. In addition to this, you can customize special modules to suit your brand's needs through Shopify Liquid.




As any enterprise knows, the right tools empower endless potential.  For merchants aiming locally or globally, Boutir, Shopline and Shopify clear a path to prosperity through well-matched e-commerce experiences.

By considering functionalities, pricing tailored to evolving needs, and the payments and distribution solutions included, you can carefully compare and choose a solution that meets your business needs and is able to expand and grow with your business in the future.


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